Sunday, October 10, 2004


Coulter's New Book--Just a Cut-and-Paste Job!

I finally got a look at Coulter's latest screed in the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica. It was nothing more than a cut-and-paste of previous columns that have run on Joseph Farah's WorldNetDaily. For those of you not familiar with WorldNetDaily, it is known widely as WorldNutDaily). One of my most recent humorous experiences with WorldNetDaily was reading an article by the author of Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth (yes, there is such a book) telling us why John Kerry is not fit to be president.

Since the bulk of Coulter's book is on the web, in the next day I'll give you a listing of what Coulter put in the book. Why shell out $26.95 if you can come to this site and read it online for free?

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